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In 2002, two alumni's from University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering started Iron Tutor. Seeing the dramatic changes of Ontario high school curriculum, especially the elimination of the Grade 13/OAC decision, we feel there is urgency to help students to build a better foundation and preparation for post-secondary studies specializing in Math, Science as well as English. Since then, thousands of students have joined Iron Tutor hence successfully progressed to Universities/Colleges. Many of them become next generation professionals in their own industry now. 

Iron Tutor has since expanded to multiple locations and with COVID hitting the world in 2020. Iron Tutor has seamlessly transitioned to online zoom class learning extending our availability to other areas like Oakville, Newmarket and Aurora. We are thankful to the continuous support as well as trust from all parents and the community.

We look forward to continue working with the young generation to develop the future professionals representation our region.

Contact us at 416-299-9769 or if you want to be part of our study group.

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